Currently Coveting: Glassy Baby.

I love having candlelight around the house. It makes everything feel very cozy. As with all other light sources the quality of light coming out is what is ultimately important. This is why I am so smitten with Glassy Baby. I was gifted one by Justin's mother last year for Christmas, a red one. They are made in Seattle and her and her friends all love them. I wasn't so sure, I must admit. It just looked like a red glass jar. But then I brought it home, put a tealight in it, struck a match and it has been kismet ever since. I bought two for my bathroom last year and I am currently wanting another one. They just give off the most beautiful, subtle, soft glow. The company gives a portion of their profits to help cancer patients with the cost of chemotherapy. I can definitely get behind that. Which colors are your favorites? 


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