Currently coveting: murals and some chinoiserie.

Note to self: If you watch several back-to-back episodes of Criminal Minds before climbing into bed, you will for sure most definitely have very bad dreams about rapists, murderers, and psychopaths. Just so you {I} know. 

On to the matter at hand.
This whole thing started with this photo:

You can buy it here.

Saw it and was immediately obsessed. Odd for me since I am not particularly a wallpaper kinda gal. I like my walls white thankyouverymuch. But the application here was just so stunning, and that mural is gorgeous. I couldn't stop thinking about putting it on the wall behind my bed. Which would never work because our headboard is wall-mounted. Unfortunate error of choice. However, I was in love. It reminded so much of this:

Abbey Nova's house via
And I really love this photo. 

And then I saw this:

A project Amber is working on. Not quite the same. Not really the same at all actually. But the mural, panels, print...well, they have the same effect. And I want that effect all up in my business. Stat.

Frame it. I like this option, and will probably do this. It's a great way to have an interesting print in a smaller space.

I could do without the wall running along the bottom of the print but that top half? Oh, yes please. 

Anita Storti via
Hells bells. Sold.

get this here.
Um. When our bebe finally comes along this wallpaper is goin on a wall in the nursery. 100% for sure. It is precious. So, let's all hope it happens soon. You know, before the wallpaper sells out or is discontinued.

Make a pretty tile panel fo yo bathroom. You probably shouldn't put it with that ugly tan square tile on the bottom half. But you probably should put it with some white subway tiles or something like that. 

Pretty and serene. 

Those panels change the entire space here. From boring to mildly exciting. I like them.

The one from above at a distance. Oooh, I love that this is in open plan space. The furnishings are majorly subdued and a wee too traditional but that chinoiserie is bringing the whole thing up a level or two.

Ruthie Sommers via
Yes. Glossy black walls. Bright colors on the panels. What an entry.


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