In The Pink.

I've got pink on the mind lately. A nice little stack of rosy hues all bunched together on my desktop. I had the most beautiful bridal bouquet made with light pink peonies and my favorite-ranunculus, just a shade darker. It is drying upside down in my closet right now and every time I go in to grab a sweater, it makes me smile. Fact is, I am, literally, tickled pink by marriage or, more specifically, by my marriage. I always wondered if it would feel different after we got married, after being together for three years before. And people ask me that all the time now. Answer: YES. Our day to day interactions haven't changed. But there is definitely something a little sweeter about it all now. Like we have a purpose, together-our family. It's something I have wondered about and wanted for so long in my life and now it's here and I kind of cannot believe how happy it makes me. It has somehow let me release so much anxiety and worry about the future. I find myself not fretting over little things as much. I move through my days feeling just a little lighter and I find myself smiling more. And, still, every morning when I wake up and see a hand lying next me with a ring on it, I can't believe it's the hand of my husband. So please excuse this sappy, blushing bride today as I indulge in a little of the soft pink side of things. 

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  1. Beautiful collection and lovely post. Congratulations on your marriage! xx - Monica

  2. love your writing. so happy for you!


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