Let the layering begin!

I would like to say that, due to some careful honing and purchasing over the past year, my house is officially ready to be layered! Wheeeeeee! I know. I can barely handle it either. I have all the furniture I could want {fit} into this current living situation (with the exception of that Restoration Hardware cabinet, which I just can't seem to get approval from J for) and now the fun begins. Accessories! I'm a big fan of keeping things relatively sparse and clean around here. The space is small and I'm an obsessive compulsive neat freak (really, no joke, nary a hair out of place). I've been pondering bedding for, well, a long time. And I finally feel ready to purchase. And that massive rug that I had to return? Yep, ready to replace it. The best part about being at this stage with this house is that, for the most part, buying smaller items is much more within our budget than, say, that very expensive sofa I bought last year. You get to buy several things at once. And they make a dramatic impact. Decorating? SO FUN. This also means there will be lots of boxes waiting by our mailbox when I come into the building everyday, the greatest thing ever. 

Here are the things on my list for this month:

1. I want this photo for somewhere. Love the color and the abstract quality. 
2. Temoayan blankets from here for the bed.
3. Selection of kantha quilts. One for the bedroom, either chair throw or end of bed throw.
5. New pulls for the bedroom armoire.
6. A lantern for the entry console. I'd like a lamp instead but there isn't a plug around for miles.
7. Jacquard bedding. You should know that I have never had printed bedding. I am VERY excited.
8. Temple bells for hanging somewhere, anywhere. The gold is just lovely.
9. A new throw rug for the kitchen. I currently have a black and white striped number that I actually really like but golden dog+black wool=disaster.
10. Mirror for the entry hall. This is slightly adventurous for me. I definitely want to go a little ethnic in that room. This purchase is not being made this month. I am still hemming and hawing over this.
11. Staging accessories for the kitchen. This kitchen is so ugly, it needs A LOT of help.
12. New tea towels. How pretty will these look with that Oushak rug?
13. A sweet little tray for somewhere.
14. Gorgeous. I never use red. But I do love this. We'll see.
15. To hold a wee bar set we got for our wedding.
16. To use as hurricanes with candles in the living room.
17. Adding these gorgeous etched bottles to our new bar set immediately. Aren't they amazing? 

PS. Please excuse the bad Photoshop job here today. That program was either made for geniuses or dumbasses. It is ridiculously hard to use. And I gave up. Ponyboy's eyes boring into me to "please please talk me for walk" won out. 



  1. I've had two west elm duvets that varied in quality. This one http://st.houzz.com/simgs/96a1c5820d1a7e12_4-9384/modern-duvet-covers.jpg is the softest most amazing thing in the world. I had a twin in college and luckily they decided to reproduce it a few years later, I snagged a larger one immediately. It's truly blissful. I hope yours is similar! (Also, both duvets are cotton, so it's kind of a crapshoot.)

  2. Joanna-my fingers are crossed. I ordered it yesterday so I'll keep you updated on quality. I hope mine is similar too!


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