So long.

Well. I'm doing it. I am taking the next few weeks off of this blog. I need a break from it. I was completely inspired by this post from Erin Loechner about slowing down, stepping away and reevaluating. It is a topic that has been weighing on my mind the past few months and reading her post had me nodding my head frantically "YES." 

I often wonder what would happen to me, as a person, if I just up and stopped reading blogs. Stopped Facebooking. Stopped tweeting. Stopped Instagraming (which is all the more tempting after that recent debacle). Just stopped. I've been feeling this massive weight, for lack of a better word, lately and I do believe that "weight" is the iPhone in my pocket, and the laptop in my bed. It's not just about the compare::contrast aspect anymore. I've grown used to that (being newly married doesn't hurt in the "my life is just as good and full as yours" competition). It's my growing lack of ability to sit still, in silence. I'll admit it right here, right now that I check my email at stop lights, update my Facebook feed waiting in line at the grocery store, tweet while cooking a date night dinner. If I'm bored at work I pull my phone out searching, looking for anything to stimulate my ever growing need for information. Sometimes I've checked it all, all of my social media, and I put my phone away and think, "Now what?" That bothers me. It is starting to bother me more and more. The amount of stuff we have coming at us on a constant basis these days is startling. It's like there is just too much information.
I find myself justifying my constant use of technology by saying that it's for my business, and my blog. But it's wearing on me, all of this never ending babble. Who can keep up? 

We are leaving for Washington, fingers crossed that the weather is on our side, tomorrow. I'm leaving the computer here. If the weather isn't our side and we stay in the city I'm locking myself out of this blog until January 2nd, 3rd, 4th or maybe even 5th. I'm scheduling some pretty pics to appear on random days on my break just because, well, we all want a peek at some lovely images in the midst of family and eggnog and Christmas sweaters. A picture and that's it.

I'd like to wish you all the most magical of holidays. I hope your homes are filled with twinkling lights, the scent of evergreen and, most importantly, all of the people you love. It has certainly been one of the best years yet and I will be forever grateful for all that 2012 brought to my life. 

*My boys struggled. And they still struggle.
*My living room got a huge makeover.
*And we painted. Again. 
*Oh Pony.
*I thought a lot about my path in life, and came to some conclusions.
*I got this blog professionally beautified.
*I got a design job that I loved and also hated, that ended up not working out, because I just cannot live on water and stress.
*The consequences of blogging, reading lots of blogs and being immersed in social media.
*I ended one of my least favorite years in my life thus far. And started one of my most favorites.
*I fought an all out battle.
*We took a much needed getaway.
*I realized that all you really do need is love. And good design, natch.
*The year of the quotes made me quite crazy.
*I mused about tradition and family and what it all means to me.
*We got engaged.
*And married. All in a month. It was truly the best day of my life thus far.
*Picked up books to feed my soul.
*Pondered some new Christmas traditions.
*And felt very, terribly grateful for all that I have, all that I don't have and all of that space I just don't know about yet.

Despite the ups and downs, the heavy sadness of this world sometimes, the bad design, the darkness of humanity...I really do believe that there is so much beauty here.
Merry Merry.
See you in 2013.



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