I went to bed sad last night, and woke up feeling heavy and sad this morning, for reasons I am not even close to wanting to talk about on this blog. I grabbed my coffee and got back into bed, snuggled up against my dog, thinking that I might not even get out of bed today. I'm sore, no work out. I'm tired of my unresponsive clients, no work. I'm sick of this never ending summer, no holiday spirit. My blog sucks, no blogging. Pity party for one please. And then I clicked over to Facebook and it gave me the offer to see my last year in review. So I hit the button.

And all of a sudden my screen was filled with pictures of our wedding, and all of the lovely comments that people left. And pictures of me and my godson, when he was still so wee, just a few months ago. Pictures of my girlfriends and little maps of days spent at various spots drinking wine with people I love and bookmarkers of places we've been this year and trips we've taken. An epic birthday cake that J had made for me somewhere back in the middle of July. My ridiculous dog doing ridiculous things and looking ridiculously cute doing them. 

And all of a sudden, I felt grateful. My life is filled with so.much.goodness. No, I may not always get what I want exactly when I want it. But looking at all of those little notes reminded me that it all works out, just the way it's supposed to in the end. And when it doesn't, in that waiting period when you feel like it never will, I've got all of these creatures on earth who will hug me and cheer me on and, if necessary, drink heavily with me. Today, that's enough.


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