Top ten.

Things that are making me happy this week:

1. Holiday cockatoos at The Fairmont. So Christmas-y and unexpected. It felt like we were in a different city.

2. Cooking it up with the in-laws in our ugly kitchen. I have never had so much delicious food and never done so many dishes in the span of four days.

3. The dopest coffee table at Anthropologie. You can buy it here. It's not even that pricey. What a beaut. I wouldn't mind the rug either.

4. A little corner of the kitchen I holidayed up a bit. Decided to keep the Thanksgiving wreath up a little while longer. Kind of love it. 

5. Croissants and cream pan from our favorite bakery. You should try this place. It's awesome.

6. Wedding photos started coming in from our friends. I love this one. We look so happy. 

7. My godson in perhaps my favorite photo of him ever. He's all "Dad, get yer hands off of me. I got this." Note his tux. Yep, he totally sported that for the wedding. What a dollface he is.

8. Getting some last minute measurements at the hotel before the reno starts next week. This will look completely different very soon.

9. Putting the hubs to work hanging our new curtains. 

10. Post cocktails walking through this REAL gingerbread house. The whole thing is made of actual gingerbread, candy and frosting. It smelled amazing and was pretty rad. So I dorked it up and made J take my photo in front of it. This might make us officially old. I always laugh at people who take photos of themselves in front of things, solo. And here I am.



  1. How or where did the hubs construct that curtain rod? I was looking for one of those earlier today! Thanks for sharing the wedding photo... do I see feathers? So pretty.

  2. Hey Katie!
    That rod is actually from West Elm. I used it for a client and loved it so much I bought one for myself. It's the Industrial Pipe Rod.


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