How To: Get Creative with a Ladder.

I have to say...I'm really enjoying doing these How To posts. I have a few coming up with sponsors of mine that I am looking forward to in a big way. Today I'd thought we'd talk about what the hells bells to do with a ladder in your house. Other than rewire ceiling lighting and painting. Trust me, there are way better things to do with ladders than that. There are also way worse things to do with ladders than that. Like using them as shelving for books and frames. 
Don't do this. 

And unless you have floor to ceiling bookshelves or need access to high cabinets in your kitchen like these don't just prop a ladder up against your wall for no reason.

Unless you are styling for a photoshoot. Or for cats to crawl on. Then it's ok.

My favorite ways to incorporate a ladder into your decor are for towels in the bathroom, for pots and pans in the kitchen or for jewelry, bags and/or yours and possibly your kiddos clothes in your bedroom.

 1 | 2 | 3 | 4A | 4B | 5  

Or you could just be all out awesome and make a light out of it. For all of you really ambitious DIY-ers out there with 30 foot ceilings and a massive warehouse space...


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