How To: Use a Juju Hat.

The most gaping design dilemma in my entire house (except for the whole kitchen, which I have no power over at this point, or any point really) is the living room wall where the television is. It was a battle when Justin and I moved in together, trust. I had lived very pleasantly for years with an ordinary 26" flatscreen. Justin, not so much. And the battle began. My man would have nothing under 48" and, let me tell you, he fought hard for this. I caved after some time, mostly because I am the winner of almost every other house decorating battle we have ever had, on the condition that we get something very sleek that we could mount on the wall. Agreed. Enter a shopping trip to Best Buy and several hours of stud searching. Nothing. Oddly, and heart crushingly, that wall contains nary a stud. Broke my designers heart in two that day. And this is how I ended up with a 48" flatscreen obnoxious obscenity dominating one entire console in my living room. It's still an area that needs considerable attention (ahem, the Restoration Hardware Printmakers? still want.) but I knew that I needed something large-scale and dramatic to hang on the very empty wall behind it. 

I've talked about my love of the African Juju hat before. They bring the best textural | dimensional aspect to what can be an otherwise boring wall. I have long coveted one but, for some reason, never made the jump until now. Until now. And I love it. I searched many places for the perfect one. I wanted to keep it neutral and I wanted something large. I stumbled upon a great selection at African Art online and knew that the cream colored Juju was meant for me. It weighs in at a lovely 31" in diameter. Perfectly huge. Their prices are a good $100 or so less than anywhere else I looked which of course made me question the quality and/or customer service I was about to buy into but I took the plunge and I have been nothing but happy since. 

 I thought it might be difficult to hang on that wall with no studs. The Juju is super heavy and bulky. I figured I would try a weighted nail quick before moving on to more imaginable ideas thinking it for sure would not work but it stayed and felt secure and that's how it's hung ever since. It was shockingly easy and took about 3 seconds total. 

 How about that tele? Beast isn't it? This picture makes me cringe a little bit. And also please do excuse that old white modern console. It is the next piece of furniture to be replaced.

 Ponyboy had to get in on the action of course, guarding his new property with intensity and seriousness (he's staring square on at the front door here). He did after all think that Juju was his new bed when it first arrived...

The Juju hat was purchased at African Art online, who sponsored this post. I have nothing but great things to say about the product and their great and prompt customer service. 


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  1. I just bought an orange juju hat and was looking for a way to hang it. Thanks for the photos and info.


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