Just, you know.

I just wrote an entirely different blog post but then felt way too emo about actually publishing it so it's going to languish there in the 'drafts' for as long as it needs to. Fact is, just not feeling it this morning. Perhaps it's the slight depression I get whenever I finish a good book (that new JK Rowling sucked me right in). Or the weird high and low I experienced after seeing Zero Dark Thirty yesterday (*more on this later). Maybe it's my husband lying next to me, who has somehow just adopted a regular snoring habit that makes me irritated deep down in my bones (honesty this morning, obvs). And seriously, all that crap they teach you about getting pregnant on accident? What.the.hell. #entirelyimpossible. I think it could be time to plan a trip, a journey. To somewhere new and distant. Hey, we need a honeymoon anyway. (*is it weird that this movie made my body scream for travel? anyone?) Maybe it's time to spend some of that hard earned money. I'm taking any and all suggestions. Greece? Morocco? South of France? Amalfi Coast? Croatia? A jaunt to Mexico? I'm thinking somewhere warm with long, slow walks to dinner in sandals and a sundress after many hours of lounging in the sun. Off to brainstorm. Some of my favorite images from the weekend: 

Love the masculine feel of the grey+leather+wood.

I seriously swooned hard over these images. And considered very strongly the pros and cons of quitting my job and flipping houses. So very tempting.

Just watching the world. 

 Ole Damm and Anita Heske via Elle Decor
If I ever get the chance to have a cabin, you know, for the winter season, this is what it will look like.

Doesn't this just seem like the perfect place to sit down to hot chocolate and a book?

Don't know what it is but I'm rather smitten.

Do know what it is and I'm rather obsessed. Hello gorgeous lamp and fur throw.

 Words of wisdom from the Cosb himself. 

 Ginnifer Goodwin via Elle Decor
Would you not die to have the perfect SoCal brunch at this table, with that sun, and those windows? Yes.

Moody Moroccan shower goodness.

Did you guys read "My Berlin Kitchen?" Well, this is almost exactly how I pictured the kitchen that Luisa Weiss cooked in. I'm sure it looks nothing like this but I was struck nonetheless.

Btdubs. Just went into the bathroom to discover that my husband cleaned it before he left for work this morning, toilet and all. So, that snoring annoyance? Forgotten. I also just looked out the window to a sky filled with sunshine and blue. To the park with my work I go. This day is looking better after all. 


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