Pack me up and move me in.

"If you walk into a room and it does not move you, then the room is a failure."
-John Saladino

Oh, yes. I left images of this home lying on my desk for weeks. Just kept going back to it. Picking up the tears, gazing, going online to look for some of the accessories in the photos. Something about it just got me. I often find with homes that it is actually quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that moves me. I'll start picking it apart, piece by piece. It's funny because, when I do this, I sometimes find myself hating the individual pieces on their own. Things I would never look at twice in the showroom or store. But all together they work. That's the thing about design. It's more than just furniture or pillows or art. It really is about creating something collective from all of that and making the room speak. This house spoke to me. It moved me. Pack me up and move me in.

*It's a church renovation. Hello, dream come true.*



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