Saturday Stunner.

First week back at work and I must say, I feel like I have been hit by a train. I have not stopped moving since Wednesday morning. It is a source of wonder to me how, no matter how relaxed I am when vacation ends, the energy of the city somehow seeps back into my bones the instant I return and I am off and running, stress and time management and not enough hours in the day. The week has been filled with some very exciting things though, including textile shopping for one of my new projects. Fabric shopping is one of my very favorite things to do and the prospect of it becoming a major part of my life thrills me. And, honestly, as busy as I am, I would have it no other way. I am in love with what I'm doing, pouring all of my extra energy outside of my day job into something I eat, breathe and sleep. However. I could stay in the office all day today and check things off of my massive to-do list but I do believe I am going to treat myself to a matinee of Les Miserables instead. I have been dying to see it and it seems like the perfect movie to see alone, with a large box of tissues. Tomorrow we're heading to a football watching party then dinner with friends and we are saving Monday as a 'do-nothing' day-cooking slow food, reading, hanging out with the dog. Can't wait.

**And as always, I'd love to put your house on my to-do list. If you've been wanting some help with a certain room, your full home, just need some design tips...send me an email (therusticmodern@gmail.com) and let's do it. I am positively brimming with ideas and renewed energy this year. I'd love to work with you.**


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  1. Thanks for your constructive comments on Apartment 34 Heidi. I appreciate the feedback, I hope you'll drop by again as I'm excited to reenergize the blog in 2013! I value anyone who takes the time to visit the site!


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