Saturday Stunner.

Oh. Hey. A little business to start off your Saturday (business in the front, party in the back today). I've been getting some emails and questions about how to follow my little labor of love here. Let me help you out, sweets. See that little half rainbow looking symbol up there? Under the photo of me? This one:

Click it. It will take you to Feedburner where you will be able to choose which way you'd like to subscribe (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Go ahead. Do it now. Then you'll be notified STAT when I post something new, right in your handy email account. And I'll take this moment to also point out one other 'hidden' feature here. Those three little black dots that appear under each post? These ones:

If you are ever so inclined to share a post on Facebook, email, Twitter, Lockerz (what the fuck is Lockerz anyway?), Delicious (again, ???), anywhere on Earth basically that you could possibly ever want to share a blog post...you just hover over those little dots and *wam* you've got one million share options. I highly recommend you use these functions as they would please me to no end. 

Now. Back to regular programming.

Up early this morning. So ready for the weekend. What are y'all's plans? We are getting together with friends to watch the game tonight then tomorrow heading out to Danville (remember Danville?) to welcome the newest newborn to the bunch. I personally cannot wait to squeeze me some baby. Gah. And then hopefully some time for reading, cooking and drinking wine. It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I haven't seen my mini family that much. So looking forward to just hanging with Justin and Ponyboy. Over and out. Hope you get sprinkled with fairy dust and diamonds all weekend.

Loving this pillow situation.


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