Saturday Stunner.

I need a statement ring. It's super cute and unexpected on your pointer finger, no? Hmmm. I'll browse, see what I can find. Anyway. Can I just say how happy I am to be wrapping up this week? Sheesh. Good. Bye. I, of course, did not manage to squeeze in everything I needed to do which means next week will be equally fun and exciting. But I did get around to sprucing up the homestead a bit yesterday. I caved and purchased two items I'd been coveting for a long time: this and this. They are both totally deserving of their own blog posts so you'll have to wait to see them but they are shmancy and lovely and they have been longed for forever and are now very loved. I will let you know that when I laid the juju out on my living room floor and walked to the closet to get my tools I came back in to find Ponyboy trying to make the feather headdress his new bed. I could just see that he was all "They brought something new into the house, it must somehow be for me, right?" I would've snapped a photo for your viewing pleasure but I couldn't get him off of it fast enough. And that, my friends, is the kind of dog I've got. 


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