Spotlight: Katie Hackworth.

Morning loves. We had our final walk through before installation begins at the hotel yesterday. It was a meeting we had both been semi-dreading due to some issues with the project manager and our design fees. But...it all went great, ordering is complete and the majority of our portion of the project is finished. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief and treating myself to a movie later (Les Mis was sold out on Saturday when I wanted to go and I am dying for a good all out weep sesh). 

My Spotlight designer today is very special to me. I found Katie Hackworth through her blog, H2 Design, and have been following her progress ever since. This month, Katie was featured as House Beautiful's Next Wave Designer and it was truly inspiring and awesome to see her 'make it big'. 

Katie and her husband own a design and build company in Washington, H2 Design and Build. I remember when I first stumbled upon images of her work and their home. She has amazing taste for sure but I loved the design because it is approachable. It doesn't look like some big interior designer got in there and custom ordered everything under the sun. It is mostly all product that the everyman can access. Just put together in the most lovely way possible.

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  1. Awe shucks, girl. Thanks for the shout out!

    (Although, I may just have to ask you to take some of those "unfinished" interior shots down. ; ))

    xo - Katie

  2. Totally agree. Her style is so approachable! She is definitely one of my favorite designers.

    Happy Friday :)


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