Spotlight: Maryam Montague.

I had a different post entirely planned for today but this photo that I posted Wednesday, which drew a comment from it's actual owner, had me diving deep into the world of Maryam Montague, a place I have already spent consider time but am seeing through fresh eyes this week. This woman is living the dream, loves. A little background: Maryam is a human rights and democracy specialist, full-time I'm guessing. Sounds like a pretty full-on job doesn't it? But she somehow also manages to squeeze in co-owning a guest retreat outside of Marrakech called Peacock Pavilions which her and her husband, Chris Redecke, built and decorated, she has written a book about Moroccan interior design, and she's got a shop, where you can buy all of the Moroccan beauties your heart could desire. I would personally die for one of her Beni Ourain's for my living room. Her family also does all sorts of other glamorous things like be featured in commercials and have J.Crew photo shoots at their house. Maryam's life is so much like mine it is really quite uncanny. 
Oh, wait. 

Her house is, well, like heaven for people who really like Moroccan decor. Like me. All of the layered rugs, the necklaces curled up in wood bowls, the tassels dangling off of everything, the saturated colors. I have traditionally not used much color in my home. I like things calm and uncluttered. But I am definitely taking cues from this woman on how to layer, how to add color and texture in a way that doesn't feel overdone or pop-y, and how to casually drape a necklace over a picture frame in the most effortless way possible. When I talk about 'layering,' this is what I'm going for. Creating a good base and then piling on the beauty. 

I have been dying to go to Morocco for years. As someone who has traveled extensively I, at this point, can't imagine anywhere else I would rather go. And I must admit, one of the main reasons is that I'd like to get a container to pack full of goodies to bring home and keep all to myself. It is one of my life dreams and, don't worry, it will happen. But in the meantime I will content myself with thumbing through gorgeous images of Maryam's house and retreat. Her style is, simply, that amazing. 

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