Spotlight: Scout Designs.

Why is this week still happening? How is it possible that it has not ended yet? The fact that I ate a massive piece of milk chocolate mousse cake covered in caramel IN.BED. last night should be every indication that I am exhausted and ready for a day off. This whole life thing? It's going by very fast. The weeks. I don't even know what happens to them. I'm using today as a catch up day of sorts. I had my margins readjusted here and I've now got the fun task of going back and resizing all of my photos. This is surely a task to be done in front of an episode of something, Downton perhaps. I've got two boards to finish up for clients which I'll share at some point, the little girls room is killing me with it's sweetness. And then I've got two brand new gems for the house which are positively begging to be hung by this weekend. I can't wait to share them with you. I've also gotten mildly addicted to my new workout scenario. Mostly because I feel extremely skinny and accomplished afterwards. That way if the rest of the day is a failure at least I burned a thousand calories, right? 

Before we get into the Spotlight today I'd like to put it out there that I'm selling some lighting. Just in case y'all might be interested. If you see something you like send me a message (therusticmodern@gmail.com) and we can talk price. 

 Vintage Jielde style task lamp. The patina is stunning on this. And I love it, I just have nowhere to use it at the moment and my closet space is needed for other things.

 Dental style vintage floor lamp. I have a fondness for this one. It was my bedside lamp in my old apartment. This apartment. That I had a massive crush on. 

And two Restoration Hardware Atelier Task Lamps. These are beautiful and in brand new condition. I just can't use them right now. You'd be getting them for a sssssong being that they are not cheap to buy brand new. 

Ok. Back to the blog. I don't remember where I stumbled on Scout Designs but I am really loving their clean, simple style with pops of ethnic pieces. I'd like to change my focus a bit this year and start promoting more up and coming designers, those that are just starting their journey, don't have television shows on Bravo or HGTV and have taste that is more 'undecorated' than 'decorated.' These ladies certainly fit the bill. They've also got a great online mercantile filled with really stunning vintage finds. Note all the little details in the homes-Astier bowls, Moroccan tea trays, horns, tapestries and the occasional West Elm (yes, Jeffrey Alan Marks, a home can be done using CATALOGS *gasp*). 


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