The Collections.

What the hell happened to the weekend? I woke up this morning feeling like it never even happened. Awfully upsetting. I really need today to get back into my work because, this morning, I'm feeling like doing nothing but sloughing around with my book and feeling depressed. We had a nice few days off, watching some football with friends, holding some wee little newborn babies, cooking and doing a gob of dishes (seriously, you should see how many dishes I washed #solongmanicure). I'm just not ready for the week to start. And I'm feeling pathetically unmotivated which does not bode well for the list of things to finish this week. We are at the stage of starting a business where there's a lot of paperwork, computer time, bookkeeping, photographing, editing, website building. It's not the most fun I've ever had in my life and it requires quite a bit of self-motivation which is not always the easiest. Hopefully, two giant cups of coffee and a big fat workout get me back on track. 

I was thumbing through some of the images I pulled from the interwebs this weekend and noticed a trend. Collections. Of all sorts of things. Interesting things. Things that say something about the people who own them. I love this idea. It adds personality to a home. I can't wait until we have some more space so I can start some collections of my own (one of the first rules of small apartment living is absolutely no 'collecting' of anything, there just isn't enough space).



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