Spotlight: Ashley Helvey.

Hey hey party people. I woke up early this morning still full of life for the end of the week. The gracefulness experiment is going rather well. Not to say that I am not looking forward to the weekend. Because I really really am. But I came home last night to a husband who had bathed the dog, done the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and made the most delicious dinner for me. And then let me sit down on the couch and blog. I feel blessed. Plain and simple. 
I first spotted Ashley Helvey's work on Remodelista. She makes the raddest hand-felted rugs but she also makes the most lovely art. I have always been fond of the idea of using textiles as art and this is the perfect example of it. How great would one of these pieces be above my bed? Or unexpectedly in your living room? 

 I die. I must find a brick wall for my future home to hang this puppy on. This image expresses my taste so simply.

What do you think?


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.2.

I featured the Amagansett home of Athena Calderone awhile back and I am still one hundred percent smitten to the core with it. Stunning. I recently found pictures of her Brooklyn loft (because everyone fabulous in the world has more than one amazing house, right? Right-o.) which I would also quite happily move right in to. What I love most about it? The bright blues mixed in with gobs of wood and white. The lighting that adds such a perfect balance of earthiness and subtle glam. Oh, and all of the BDDW doesn't suck too much either. Girls got skills. Um, did you see that closet? 

Seriously one of my favorite bedrooms at the moment. I have a headboard very similar and I am strongly considering heading this direction in my room. Stunning but tranquil. 

Gosh, I would be so good at being rich. So. Good.

 Can't deal. Vintage Moroccan rug, tufted bench, rad Sputnick with pointy bulbs. Done.

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Cover Me All Over.

Hello lovers. Happy Tuesday. An excellent weekend was had and I feel ready for a new week and whatever it may have in store. I managed to see dear friends and watch some Oscars (is anyone else feeling the mad love for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner lately, or is it just me? i loved that he called their marriage 'work.' it is work and maybe there are so many failed marriages in Hollywood because people don't want to acknowledge that. anyway, i loved it.) and drink some wine and hang with my man. The weather has been ridiculously glorious around this city and it feels so nice to have warm sunspots to lie in and fresh air to breathe in. Feeling my inner pace slow a little bit, which is so unlike me and a very nice change for my soul. 

I have been obsessing over wallpaper lately. I was never ever ever into it before. Boy, I am so into it now. I don't think I could ever manage to do a whole large room in my house, or even a client's for that matter. It seems a lot to handle on the daily. But a small room? Closet? Bathroom? Yes. All the way. Bathroom especially #thankyouverymuch. Some of the images that are inspiring my obsession as of late...


Saturday Stunner.

Holy hell can a girl get some sleep around here? This interior design business? It is madness people. Madness. I am learning so so much everyday and I am grateful for all of it but I am taking this weekend to relax and sleep in and do something about the grey hairs creeping in at my hairline at a rapid rate. I've been thinking a lot lately about gracefulness. Not in the sense of movement but in the sense of attitude, and how it pertains to my life. It has just sort of landed here in my lap as my motto for this year. To be filled with grace. To not complain as much, to grin and bear it more, to feel more at ease in this life and what it is bringing me everyday. I find myself reaching far inside for it, a lot, but my desire to find it is stronger and it is certainly what is carrying me through some very long days.

My nails, on the other hand, are a disaster. Heading out to a mani as we speak. Happy weekend lovers. 


Spotlight: Cuppett Architects.

I am in the middle of what is turning out to be a rather crazy week. Started a new job which is a total change of pace for me as far as hours spent working, work environment and all of that boring day to day life stuff. I no longer have my mornings which, anyone who knows me well could tell you, crushes me. I love love love my morning routine of getting up, having coffee, blogging, working out and filling myself in on all of the happenings in web world. It's an adjustment to be sure. I am looking so forward to drinks tomorrow night with my husband and friends to unwind. 

In the meantime, I stumbled on the work of Cuppett Architects and just fell head over heels for their work. The mixed use of modern lines with rustic elements has me daydreaming about a brand new home smack in the middle of the country with painted paneled walls all the over place. I've got home ownership all over my mind these days. These images don't help one bit. 


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.1.

It's one of my biggest design pet peeves that loft spaces are almost always done in a modern way. Like, always. It has turned me off to lofts for so long and it's unfortunate, because life in a big city only offers certain home buying opportunities. And many of those buying opportunities are loft spaces. Turn off. I can't stand the chunky modern lines, steel railings, black accents. Boring beyond belief. And so not homey. Leave it to Jessica Helgerson to turn all of that upside down, shake it around and deliver a loft space that I would love to live in. What I dig most about this space? Earthiness, brown tones, warmth, that killer floating console. Oh, and those old school light switches. Quite lovely. I'd move in in a heartbeat.


Working for the Weekend.

We've been having some good times the past few weekends, exploring new spots, leaving the city and driving over my very favorite bridge. It's been so fun to have unexpected surprises awaiting at the end of every very busy work week. It makes all of those hours slip away and it really leaves me believing that we have it all wrong in this world. Life is sliding by so unbelievably fast these days and I just want to grab ahold of it and hang on because I am really really loving this particular moment in time. 

 Sunday morning we woke up early to sun streaming in our bedroom windows. We threw on clothes and walked down to Divisidero to check out a new coffeeshop. So pleasantly surprised to find cherry blossoms lining the street. 

 Our neighborhood is experiencing a bit of a rebirth if you will. The Mill just opened and is so beautiful a spot to have coffee and homemade toast with butter and almond butter.

 I was totally smitten with these tables. Honed marble in the style of Saarinen but with a twist in the cafe base. Perfection.

 I love repurposing old furniture for new uses. 

 And my favorite crocks from way back when looking so on point. I can easily see this becoming a Sunday morning tradition. 

 We headed into the Marin headlands last week on our day off. The fog was just sitting there on the Bay. To me, this is one of the most charming parts of living in San Francisco. It was sunny for days on either side but as you got on the bridge you were literally engulfed in grey.

 Finally got our gallery wall up, horrible photo but I do love the end result. I want to keep building it all the way around the front door. 

 We ventured out to a newish spot in the Dogpatch, Trick Dog. The design was super rustic industrial which I do love but have to admit am tiring of a bit. We ate at Rich Table a few weeks ago and I lamented the same. 

Too much reclaimed wood! Let's move on people. 

I'm heading into my first full week of work at my new job. It's been a complete and total adjustment for me, this moving onto a different lifestyle. I'm trying to take it day by day and not look at the grand scheme because it's just too much for me to wrap my brain around. And please do forgive if posting is a bit light while I settle in. 


Saturday Stunner: An Ugly Doll and a Plaid Sofa.

It just looks so cozy up in there, doesn't it? 

Like the perfect room for me to spend my weekend. Doing some work with the fugs on the plaid two-seater, hitting up some books layed up on the rug, climbing under the quilt for a napper. We've had some pretty jam packed weekends since the year started which has been great but this weekend? It's the very first weekend that I just want to lay low, catch up on design magazines, write blog posts and finish some e-design projects I've been working on. J has to work most the of the weekend, unfortunately, so it looks as though I will get what I want. 


Pinterest Pins I Love.

And that's all.

My favorite ever.


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