A New Week.

Not much for words this morning. Had a mellow weekend filled with dinner at the new and oh-so-delicious Rich Table (keeping up on our New Year's resolution!). It was, I must say, a lovely night. We totally overindulged and had cocktails, champagne and oysters, pastas and wine, dessert and digestifs. Spent Sunday at a friends house in Pacifica watching the 49ers lose the bowl and wrapped the weekend up with two perfectly cooked meals by my husband, who I am ever grateful for. I'm embracing a week of quiet. I am going to be starting a new job (!) the week after next and I know what a whirlwind that entails so it's time to treat myself to a little relaxing, shopping for some new clothes and catching up on Downton. We took some shots of the apartment last week so I thought I'd share today. It is very much a work in progress...

Who doesn't need a little Biggie Smalls in their home?



  1. Um...totally love this! Great Style! Just found your blog tonight! THANK GOODNESS!!!

  2. Love your home. It is gorgeous.

  3. Thanks ladies! I love hearing that!


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