Cover Me All Over.

Hello lovers. Happy Tuesday. An excellent weekend was had and I feel ready for a new week and whatever it may have in store. I managed to see dear friends and watch some Oscars (is anyone else feeling the mad love for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner lately, or is it just me? i loved that he called their marriage 'work.' it is work and maybe there are so many failed marriages in Hollywood because people don't want to acknowledge that. anyway, i loved it.) and drink some wine and hang with my man. The weather has been ridiculously glorious around this city and it feels so nice to have warm sunspots to lie in and fresh air to breathe in. Feeling my inner pace slow a little bit, which is so unlike me and a very nice change for my soul. 

I have been obsessing over wallpaper lately. I was never ever ever into it before. Boy, I am so into it now. I don't think I could ever manage to do a whole large room in my house, or even a client's for that matter. It seems a lot to handle on the daily. But a small room? Closet? Bathroom? Yes. All the way. Bathroom especially #thankyouverymuch. Some of the images that are inspiring my obsession as of late...

Martha O'Hara Interiors
Wythe Hotel
AD | Marjorie Skouras
Architectural Digest
Carla Fahden via D*S
dunno | Nickey Kehoe
Christopher Patrick Design


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  1. I am too feeling a bit inspired and obsessed with Ben and Jen. I also have to admit watching the Oscars inspired me to want to go and see more good movies. I want to more attention to the art direction and the costume, make up and set design.The editing and music. I feel I have under appreciated it all in the past.


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