Currently Coveting: Kevin Russ.

And the decorating of our apartment marches forward, despite busy schedules, empty petty cash jars and refusals from my husband to allow me to purchase anything else for the house...such is the life of an obsessive interiors freak. I am truly never satisfied. I'm feeling mildly happy with my living room these days with the exception of an accidental stop into Cisco Brothers in Hayes Valley last weekend which prompted a must-have pillow sighting, which I cannot stop thinking about (oh, how my life will be different once I get those pillows!), which I would have to sneak into my home and hide in the closet at this point. #sonothappening. 

But my bedroom. My bedroom needs some work. Nothing crazy, just some new bedding and art. We kind of shoved this large winding road canvas up there after we painted a long time ago and I haven't taken it down despite it not fitting in at all with the rest of the house and despite it not being my taste. Like, at all. I'm stuck on putting photography up there. It's a big gaping white space over a big white bed and I'd like something somewhat weird but in tune with my current style. I stumbled upon these pieces by Kevin Russ on One Kings Lane the other day and I've been obsessing over them ever since. As I said last week, I've been coveting animal photography for years and I am really just itching to pulling the trigger on two of these pieces to mount side by side. 

I think the llama and bison would be just perfectly weird. And un-bedroomlike. Which I'm a fan of.

*Looking for decorating help? Design services are available far and wide, across this big world. Contact me for details. I would so love to beautify your space.*


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  1. the buffalo is my #1 choice! i totally get a sense of you from your writing & picts. i love that. you're doing a great job! thanks for visiting on my blog. happy long weekend!! it's gunna be a beauty. xo. keli


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