Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.2.

I featured the Amagansett home of Athena Calderone awhile back and I am still one hundred percent smitten to the core with it. Stunning. I recently found pictures of her Brooklyn loft (because everyone fabulous in the world has more than one amazing house, right? Right-o.) which I would also quite happily move right in to. What I love most about it? The bright blues mixed in with gobs of wood and white. The lighting that adds such a perfect balance of earthiness and subtle glam. Oh, and all of the BDDW doesn't suck too much either. Girls got skills. Um, did you see that closet? 

Seriously one of my favorite bedrooms at the moment. I have a headboard very similar and I am strongly considering heading this direction in my room. Stunning but tranquil. 

Gosh, I would be so good at being rich. So. Good.

 Can't deal. Vintage Moroccan rug, tufted bench, rad Sputnick with pointy bulbs. Done.

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