Rad Art.

I am all about the weird art. I love when people use crazy things on their walls. Makes me super happy. My bedroom needs some serious art attention (I almost used 'arttention' there but then realized that I am just not that person, thankyougod) and I have been all over the board about what I want to put up on that gaping wall space above our bed. I've settled on the fact that I miiiight just want to go with the ugly | pretty for this one. Our bedroom is boring me. It needs something out of the ordinary. No gallery walls. No landscape art. No pretty photos. I want rad. 

I like all of the oddities here, especially the Barbie in the museum case.

Nice visual interest in a very neutral room

Such a totally awesome choice for a kitchen. I'll take the concrete ceilings too.

Cute option for the babes.

This is so perfect.

Carpet hung on the wall as art. I am way into this idea.

Big old buffalos. I love large scale animal art. I've wanted a huge sheep for years. 

Ostriches, pugs and an oversized tribal dude. Yes.

Just some really dope paint on a wall. Really dope.


Dudes. Seriously. I kind of want to hump this picture. It's that good. My babies are definitely getting neon horse heads in their rooms. I mean, if you're not buying this for your kids, you're kind of blowing it as parents. Just saying.

Nice textural and dramatic piece up there.

There is a lot of crazy cool stuff going on here. Most notably that rhino head and that anemone vase.

I've already snuck one old batty lady portrait into my house right under Justin's nose. Not sure I could get away with dos. Actually, 100% positive I could not. She's pleasantly creepy though...

As an aside, I'd like to just say for the record what a sacrilege it is that the Superbowl is in my beloved New Orleans on Sunday. And the Saints are not. Pfffftt. There is just no justice in this world.


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