Saturday Stunner, and Many Thanks for this Week Being Over.

Cheerio! The weekend is here, I am so excited. We are date nighting tonight and I am sad to tell you that we are breaking the resolution and going to visit one of our favorite people in the world at her restaurant, where we have eaten more times than I care to admit. And I, for one, am okay with it. Hey, a girls got cravings sometimes. I got a package from UPS yesterday which happily contained the last two frames for my gallery wall. So. Stoked. This project has been a long time coming (almost two months to be exact) and this weekend it's going up. I can't wait to inject some more of us into our home and am so looking forward to seeing the faces of our nearest and dearest every time I walk in the front door. We've got plans to meet up with some friends tomorrow for dinner and drinks and then I imagine we will piddle around the city the rest of the weekend. 

I love this photo. I so need to be sleeping in a room that opens to the sky and the water. I had a full-blown panic attack yesterday when I realized that my new job would not allow for a vacation, or a honeymoon, for quite some time. I am already envisioning a mini-moon to Mexico in the next few months. Anyway. Happy weekend! 


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