Saturday Stunner.

"Blue sky, billowing trees, and rustling grasses." 

Pulled from a feature in Arch Digest while working out yesterday. You see, this week has found me feeling claustrophobic. That's the thing about the city. Just when you need a break from the constant stream of people *fuck me, they are everywhere* it throws just a little bit more at you. And at that moment on the treadmill I was on the verge of tears at the prospect of another hustle day at work where there are so many people, so close to my face, so mindless of personal space. I read that little frame of words-"blue sky, billowing trees, and rustling grasses"-and it made my mind feel at ease. Just to know that there is space out there still. That this moment in time is not forever. That maybe, just maybe, someday I will have a home with walls that retract to reveal trees and fresh air. Shiver me timbers. I can't wait. 

Have good weekends lovers.


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