Saturday Stunner.

Holy hell can a girl get some sleep around here? This interior design business? It is madness people. Madness. I am learning so so much everyday and I am grateful for all of it but I am taking this weekend to relax and sleep in and do something about the grey hairs creeping in at my hairline at a rapid rate. I've been thinking a lot lately about gracefulness. Not in the sense of movement but in the sense of attitude, and how it pertains to my life. It has just sort of landed here in my lap as my motto for this year. To be filled with grace. To not complain as much, to grin and bear it more, to feel more at ease in this life and what it is bringing me everyday. I find myself reaching far inside for it, a lot, but my desire to find it is stronger and it is certainly what is carrying me through some very long days.

My nails, on the other hand, are a disaster. Heading out to a mani as we speak. Happy weekend lovers. 


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