Spotlight: Cuppett Architects.

I am in the middle of what is turning out to be a rather crazy week. Started a new job which is a total change of pace for me as far as hours spent working, work environment and all of that boring day to day life stuff. I no longer have my mornings which, anyone who knows me well could tell you, crushes me. I love love love my morning routine of getting up, having coffee, blogging, working out and filling myself in on all of the happenings in web world. It's an adjustment to be sure. I am looking so forward to drinks tomorrow night with my husband and friends to unwind. 

In the meantime, I stumbled on the work of Cuppett Architects and just fell head over heels for their work. The mixed use of modern lines with rustic elements has me daydreaming about a brand new home smack in the middle of the country with painted paneled walls all the over place. I've got home ownership all over my mind these days. These images don't help one bit. 


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