There are so many exciting things happening behind the scenes over here which has left me slightly distracted, a little overwhelmed and also just plain happy. I thrive on being busy and I love having too much going on. I'm prepping for photoshoots both today and tomorrow. My business partner and I are in the middle of setting up our website which involves a lot of time, planning and creativity on a very small budget. We are attempting to get our projects photographed this month along with inspiration photos for our home page. I'm also in the midst of working with several new e-design clients (my absolute favorite thing to do). So today I thought I'd share some of my latest long distance works in progress. 

*I am so smitten with the little girls room and I can't wait to see it all in place!*

 If you sit down and talk design with me for any length of time you will probs listen to me start talking about how I think e-design is the wave of the future. I have found this avenue to be so much more accessible to so many more people who want decorating help but can't pay a designer. As a decorator, I am completely in love with this process and it is really the direction I would like my business to grow the most in the future. My rates start lowlowlow so if you are looking for some design inspiration email me to get started. It will really be the most fun you've ever had. I promise. 


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