Friday Stunner.

Well then. It has been a doozy of a week over here. I can't wait to jump into this weekend. I've got some projects that I want to take care of around the house...staining and spray paint. Oh my. Squeezing in dinner with friends a little cocktail hour on Friday and generally just planning on enjoying the sunny weather and some days off. Have fab ones y'all.


Currently Coveting: Clinton Friedman for West Elm.

We walked down to the new BiRite market this past weekend to stock up on rose and all sorts of cheese, olives, ice cream and whatever else you can think of to eat that you don't need but is very expensive. I like that Divisidero is coming into it's own and we are having such a great time being able to walk to places we love. Got home and I hopped in the tub for a nice long soak with my favorite bath bubbles and all of my home catalogs. Say whatever you like about big box design stores. I always look at everything that comes my way because you never know what little gemmer you might find in the Pottery Barn catalog. Seriously. I've found some. Like this, which charmed my pants off. Anyway. I was thumbing through West Elm when I spotted these wonders by Clinton Friedman and decided immediately that I must gather my dollars and purchase two for my kitchen wall. The size (28x28) is awesome, oversized goodness for a small space. I can totally get down with the graphic element and, while it is food (kind of, more like plant life) and I'm not the biggest fan of food art or dining phrases in the kitchen (like this, which I hate so hard), it's not kitschy or cutesy so it works. 

 Which two would you buy? 

By the way, please take some time perusing Clinton Friedman's work. It is sta-unning. This emerald green beetle has my heart in its entirety. I've submitted an enquiry (with a British accent, please). I'm sure it's one million dollars. A girl can dream. 


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.4.

A house with subtle tones, windows and doors flung wide open. Yes, please. 

 Love the composition and placement of the those two pieces of art. Don't love the torchiere. Never love a torchiere. I'd like to photoshop that thing right out of there. 

 Patio nooks. I would have coffee out here every morning in the fog. 

 The architectural details here are stunning. 

 Windows begging to not be covered.

 That strip of lighting is genius and oh so casual. 

  A little galley kitchen action. Notice the cabinetry going flush to the floor? Nice detail.

Impossibly cozy. I would lay all up in that bed and watch the London rain come down. 

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On quitting Facebook.

In the middle of last week, on an ordinary, if not somewhat emotional Wednesday, I quit Facebook. 



Welp. If that's not perfection, I don't know what is. 



The gorgeous base on that table. The tufting on the sofa. That photo. 



Wood-faced cabinetry in an otherwise stark kitchen. 



A modern bathroom warmed up just the right amount by a folk-y painting and a splash of marigold. 


A Week of Silencio.

I'm feeling wordless this week. Which is fine. It feels refreshing. And I'm going to roll with it.
Just an image a day.

Jonathan Reed via Maison Marigold

The simple, clean lines that modernize an otherwise traditional bed. 


Friday Stunner.

Happy weekend! What is everyone up to? We are heading out to Danville tomorrow for a two-year olds birthday par-tay and some time with friends. And Sunday I'd like to stay in my pajamas all day, eat popcorn and watch tele. We'll see if that actually happens. Being out of the house so much makes me long for my white walls and grey sofa...


I love the simplicity of this photo. And I'm having a wee crush on ticking stripe lately. It's rather charming, isn't it? 


Just because.

It's mid-week and all I really feel like doing is going home to my sofa, curling up with The Paris Wife (which, btdubs, I did not think I was going to like but ended up LOVING) and calling it a day. 


Spotlight: Summer House.

We found ourselves in Mill Valley this past weekend. Remember I used to work over there? When I was at Jute I'd always wonder if we could ever make the move over that pretty red bridge. I never hated my commute that way so it wasn't really about that. I just kind of loved the quiet that would settle over me as I drove along the streets. I liked the pace. Let me tell you-ain't nobody hustling and bustling in Mill Valley, that is for sure. When I stopped working over there I stopped thinking about it. But Saturday morning we got in the car for a good weekend drive (yes, we do this. yes, i know it is a completely old people thing to do. no, i don't care. we love it.). I had been wanting to hit up a little shop over there so after grabbing iced coffees and almond croissants we headed over the bridge into the quietude. It was as I remembered it. Warmer, sunnier, softer. 

We drove into the heart of town, found parking and strolled along the square. Oh, how I love a town square. I felt relaxed. I could move my arms and not hit another person! People were just hanging out in the grass, talking and drinking coffee. There was space. And I have to admit, the thoughts of moving started creeping back into my head. It would be a different lifestyle, hell, a different life, I know. But I'm beginning to think we may not be so far off from a different life. I do fear that my husband is rather a city boy and until the desire to own something with more space overwhelms him he may not be a man who is built for small town life. Me? I believe I could do it. And I believe I wouldn't mind being a little closer to that little shop I was talking about. Because let me tell you, Summer House is a little slice of decorating heaven. 

They carry some of my favorites-Calypso St. Barth, John Robshaw, Roost. They have an amazing collection of vintage rugs. I die. And their furniture? The lines are all spot on. Clean but loungey. Lots of sheepskin, hides, natural materials, ethnic textiles. Gosh. It is stunning. 
*And I will say that I felt very validated when I spotted my very own sofa.* 


Currently Coveting: Kitchen Islands.

Hands down the thing that I'm missing the most about working the rat race hours is my morning routine. Our schedules have both been so full, even on the weekends, this last one being no exception, that I haven't really done my old lumber-to-the-kitchen-get-coffee-grab-the-laptop-snuggle-into-the- covers-next-to-my-dog-and-my-husband-and-read-blogs thing in, well, awhile. This past Sunday though, boy, was it great. I did just that. Found myself up at the late hour of 8AM, plenty of time before the day needed to start humming along, so I dug in deep under the duvet and settled in for two cups of coffee and a nice, long visit with some of my favorite interiors sites. It was the best.

I found myself checking in on Redfin as well, which is interiors porn of a different sort (the very best kind...if you live in any other city besides San Francisco). We've been quietly stalking real estate for the past month or so. Pondering the possibilities of moving into a house, with more space and a yard (and who am I kidding, a place to rip to shreds and make our own, finally). Undoubtedly our love of cooking and being in the kitchen fuels our desire to find a home. It's not just the lack of dishwasher, it's the non-existent counter space. Would I just kill for a kitchen island. A nice big space to roll out dough and chop vegetables. There are so many ways you can go with an island. Some ideas I've been loving lately:

 Marble slab with barstools. I like. It's so nice to think about chatting with someone over that counter, drinking wine and cooking. 

 Baking perfection. That thing is huge. Think of all of the pasta dough that could be rolled on that pup. 

 Simple wood top, vintage bottom. 

 Don't even get me started on this. I probs wouldn't do this personally, it's a little too perfect for me, but my God, it is just so fucking lovely, isn't it?

 Yum. I totally dig this. Not sure on the open shelving though. The OCD in me cringes a bit at that clutter.

 Concrete. Yes. yesyesyesyes. Yes.

Stunning. This is certainly the kitchen of a woman who is much more pulled together than I. Like, a real classy broad lives here. For sure. She has lots of money. And cooks impeccable meals every night and serves homemade granola to her children in the morning wearing Hermes slippers and a cashmere robe. 


Design Nostalgia: A Weekend in Maine circa 2000.

Can't you just see the ocean right out there through that window? How cozy it would be to be holed up in this house all day while a storm raged outside? Warming bread and slathering butter standing at this counter. Casually folding handtowels while a fire glowed in the other room.

I have no idea WHY this picture brought me straight back but it did. It was a weekend my senior year in college. That was decades ago, #holyshit. My friend Kelly and I were prepping for our big move to New Orleans after graduation. I had just gotten into Tulane and desperately wanted some company for the move. Everyone else was heading to Boston or New York. Literally, everyone. It felt like I was headed to the hinterlands all alone and I was thankful beyond belief when Kelly jumped on the NOLA train with me just for fun. It bonded us close for those last few months of college. Those last few months of pure freedom that you get to experience, those last few months of drinking heavily every night, of not knowing what the future will bring. Of feeling very uncertain, a little excited and more than very scared.

Her family lived in Maine and over Easter weekend we decided to head up to see them and pack some of the things that she didn't want to bring with us to the deep south. It was rainy, and grey. We pulled up to a rather nondescript house on a quiet street. Nothing special from the front. But then her mother opened the door. What the front of the house did not reveal was the cliff behind it, and the ocean just beyond. A wall of windows running from one end to the other. It was the most impossibly cozy house sitting right up on a craggy little edge overlooking the sea. 

I'm a cancer, I love the water. All I wanted to do was sit in that great room and watch the seafoam splash against the rocks. It felt like it was where I belonged. I have always felt that way near the ocean. I remember once, very soon after I first moved to New Orleans and I was so lonely. oh, so lonely. I needed air and I hopped in the car and drove down the bayou. All the way to the end. And as soon as I was near it, on it, felt the air of the water, I felt better. I felt ok. I didn't feel so far away from the world, or from myself. And I felt that same way as I sat in the living room watching the waves crash against that dark sky. That house felt comfortable and safe and warm as I sat on the edge of so much uncertainty. I still crave that place when I'm longing for a grey, moody day. But I think this little nugget of a house would do as well.


PS. Um. The finale of The Bachelor is tonight y'all! Who's it going to be? And, yes, I do. I watch it. I really don't care if they couples never make it, if I'm a horrible person for watching it. I love it. It is one of my guiltiest pleasures. Whateves. You can bet I'll be relishing all three hours of this shiz tonight. 


Friday Stunner.

Wow. How is it already Friday? This one flew by. I'm off to work then heading straight into the mani | pedi chair at 5:30. )ff to cocktails with a friend I don't see nearly enough after, dinner date to follow. The rest of the weekend is a blur of plans and to-do's and I'm really looking forward to being out and about after my house arrest last weekend. Have a fab one y'all. Over and out. 


Currently Coveting: Mama Needs a New Bedroom.

Happy day after hump day party people. It's been hectic but I'm finally adjusting to the new schedule. I find my days going by fast and I come home feeling tired but rewarded, which is really nice. I'm at a point in my life where I feel like all of those little pieces that were laying around, scattered and misshapen with no real place to fit, are finding their way together. I had hoped and hoped that this would be my year and I have to say that it isn't panning out so badly. I'm pretty content and it feels like so much of my waiting is over. Trust, I know it's only temporary, this feeling. But it's here #rightnow. And I'm going to relish in it for a minute. K?

I treated myself to some new photography for our bedroom last weekend, Kevin Russ, which I am so excited about. I need to take my time in there because Justin has forbidden purchases for the house for awhile (such a rain-on-my-parader, my husband). And in typical Heidi fashion I have gravitated to the most expensive shiznit on the block. Of course. But I'm pretty sold on the scheme so I thought I'd share now. And then think how fun it'll be when I share the big reveal at a later date. Can't stand it, so excited. So long white bedding. We are officially over. 

*Photography is Kevin Russ from Society 6. I'm going to get them in large frames to hang side-by-side above the bed.

*That throw blanket is a gem Ikat from Jayson Home. Don't steal it from me, it's the cheapest thing on my list. Going on my chair with some sort of pillow.

*The lamp is West Elm and I've been eyeing her up for awhile. Not one hundred percent she's the right fit. Still browsing on that one. 

*And the bedding. The best part. Striped duvet is Restoration Hardware and that other beaut, from Les Indiennes, is going at the bottom of the bed. I've been struggling for years with how to make a king-sized bed look comforting and nest-like instead of just a huge expanse of mattress, which is what it really is. I think if I double up the duvets I can achieve this nest I've been looking for. 

So...who wants to talk to Justin about how this will change our lives epically overnight? 


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.3.

One of my primary objectives in creating our home is coziness. We both work a lot and spend a great deal of time outside the confines of our apartment so when we're here, I want it to feel like a place where we can wrap up in a blanket and relax. I often feel overwhelmed and stressed out by city life (remember this post?). The hustle bustle, the traffic, the constant stream of bodies, the stench and the noise and the rushed pace, the red lights and stop signs and slow drivers when I am alwaysalways in a rush. It all gets to me. I need a place to escape it, a place where I can tuck in and shut it all out. This is, I think, why I love this home so much. It feels like a womb. Like a quiet, softly lit, homey den of comfort. 

My highlights: 
+ those glass window partitions that create separation while also keeping the space wide open
+ the matching sofas perfect for side by side movie watching
+ the muted color scheme of black, grey, brown and white that carries through to all of the rooms and creates unity
+ the large scale artwork that extends way past the edge of the huge bed and is just, well, perfect in every way


 Home of Naja Munthe as photographed by Morten Koldby

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