Currently Coveting: Clinton Friedman for West Elm.

We walked down to the new BiRite market this past weekend to stock up on rose and all sorts of cheese, olives, ice cream and whatever else you can think of to eat that you don't need but is very expensive. I like that Divisidero is coming into it's own and we are having such a great time being able to walk to places we love. Got home and I hopped in the tub for a nice long soak with my favorite bath bubbles and all of my home catalogs. Say whatever you like about big box design stores. I always look at everything that comes my way because you never know what little gemmer you might find in the Pottery Barn catalog. Seriously. I've found some. Like this, which charmed my pants off. Anyway. I was thumbing through West Elm when I spotted these wonders by Clinton Friedman and decided immediately that I must gather my dollars and purchase two for my kitchen wall. The size (28x28) is awesome, oversized goodness for a small space. I can totally get down with the graphic element and, while it is food (kind of, more like plant life) and I'm not the biggest fan of food art or dining phrases in the kitchen (like this, which I hate so hard), it's not kitschy or cutesy so it works. 

 Which two would you buy? 

By the way, please take some time perusing Clinton Friedman's work. It is sta-unning. This emerald green beetle has my heart in its entirety. I've submitted an enquiry (with a British accent, please). I'm sure it's one million dollars. A girl can dream. 


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