Currently Coveting: Kitchen Islands.

Hands down the thing that I'm missing the most about working the rat race hours is my morning routine. Our schedules have both been so full, even on the weekends, this last one being no exception, that I haven't really done my old lumber-to-the-kitchen-get-coffee-grab-the-laptop-snuggle-into-the- covers-next-to-my-dog-and-my-husband-and-read-blogs thing in, well, awhile. This past Sunday though, boy, was it great. I did just that. Found myself up at the late hour of 8AM, plenty of time before the day needed to start humming along, so I dug in deep under the duvet and settled in for two cups of coffee and a nice, long visit with some of my favorite interiors sites. It was the best.

I found myself checking in on Redfin as well, which is interiors porn of a different sort (the very best kind...if you live in any other city besides San Francisco). We've been quietly stalking real estate for the past month or so. Pondering the possibilities of moving into a house, with more space and a yard (and who am I kidding, a place to rip to shreds and make our own, finally). Undoubtedly our love of cooking and being in the kitchen fuels our desire to find a home. It's not just the lack of dishwasher, it's the non-existent counter space. Would I just kill for a kitchen island. A nice big space to roll out dough and chop vegetables. There are so many ways you can go with an island. Some ideas I've been loving lately:

 Marble slab with barstools. I like. It's so nice to think about chatting with someone over that counter, drinking wine and cooking. 

 Baking perfection. That thing is huge. Think of all of the pasta dough that could be rolled on that pup. 

 Simple wood top, vintage bottom. 

 Don't even get me started on this. I probs wouldn't do this personally, it's a little too perfect for me, but my God, it is just so fucking lovely, isn't it?

 Yum. I totally dig this. Not sure on the open shelving though. The OCD in me cringes a bit at that clutter.

 Concrete. Yes. yesyesyesyes. Yes.

Stunning. This is certainly the kitchen of a woman who is much more pulled together than I. Like, a real classy broad lives here. For sure. She has lots of money. And cooks impeccable meals every night and serves homemade granola to her children in the morning wearing Hermes slippers and a cashmere robe. 


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