Currently Coveting: Mama Needs a New Bedroom.

Happy day after hump day party people. It's been hectic but I'm finally adjusting to the new schedule. I find my days going by fast and I come home feeling tired but rewarded, which is really nice. I'm at a point in my life where I feel like all of those little pieces that were laying around, scattered and misshapen with no real place to fit, are finding their way together. I had hoped and hoped that this would be my year and I have to say that it isn't panning out so badly. I'm pretty content and it feels like so much of my waiting is over. Trust, I know it's only temporary, this feeling. But it's here #rightnow. And I'm going to relish in it for a minute. K?

I treated myself to some new photography for our bedroom last weekend, Kevin Russ, which I am so excited about. I need to take my time in there because Justin has forbidden purchases for the house for awhile (such a rain-on-my-parader, my husband). And in typical Heidi fashion I have gravitated to the most expensive shiznit on the block. Of course. But I'm pretty sold on the scheme so I thought I'd share now. And then think how fun it'll be when I share the big reveal at a later date. Can't stand it, so excited. So long white bedding. We are officially over. 

*Photography is Kevin Russ from Society 6. I'm going to get them in large frames to hang side-by-side above the bed.

*That throw blanket is a gem Ikat from Jayson Home. Don't steal it from me, it's the cheapest thing on my list. Going on my chair with some sort of pillow.

*The lamp is West Elm and I've been eyeing her up for awhile. Not one hundred percent she's the right fit. Still browsing on that one. 

*And the bedding. The best part. Striped duvet is Restoration Hardware and that other beaut, from Les Indiennes, is going at the bottom of the bed. I've been struggling for years with how to make a king-sized bed look comforting and nest-like instead of just a huge expanse of mattress, which is what it really is. I think if I double up the duvets I can achieve this nest I've been looking for. 

So...who wants to talk to Justin about how this will change our lives epically overnight? 


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