Design Nostalgia: A Weekend in Maine circa 2000.

Can't you just see the ocean right out there through that window? How cozy it would be to be holed up in this house all day while a storm raged outside? Warming bread and slathering butter standing at this counter. Casually folding handtowels while a fire glowed in the other room.

I have no idea WHY this picture brought me straight back but it did. It was a weekend my senior year in college. That was decades ago, #holyshit. My friend Kelly and I were prepping for our big move to New Orleans after graduation. I had just gotten into Tulane and desperately wanted some company for the move. Everyone else was heading to Boston or New York. Literally, everyone. It felt like I was headed to the hinterlands all alone and I was thankful beyond belief when Kelly jumped on the NOLA train with me just for fun. It bonded us close for those last few months of college. Those last few months of pure freedom that you get to experience, those last few months of drinking heavily every night, of not knowing what the future will bring. Of feeling very uncertain, a little excited and more than very scared.

Her family lived in Maine and over Easter weekend we decided to head up to see them and pack some of the things that she didn't want to bring with us to the deep south. It was rainy, and grey. We pulled up to a rather nondescript house on a quiet street. Nothing special from the front. But then her mother opened the door. What the front of the house did not reveal was the cliff behind it, and the ocean just beyond. A wall of windows running from one end to the other. It was the most impossibly cozy house sitting right up on a craggy little edge overlooking the sea. 

I'm a cancer, I love the water. All I wanted to do was sit in that great room and watch the seafoam splash against the rocks. It felt like it was where I belonged. I have always felt that way near the ocean. I remember once, very soon after I first moved to New Orleans and I was so lonely. oh, so lonely. I needed air and I hopped in the car and drove down the bayou. All the way to the end. And as soon as I was near it, on it, felt the air of the water, I felt better. I felt ok. I didn't feel so far away from the world, or from myself. And I felt that same way as I sat in the living room watching the waves crash against that dark sky. That house felt comfortable and safe and warm as I sat on the edge of so much uncertainty. I still crave that place when I'm longing for a grey, moody day. But I think this little nugget of a house would do as well.


PS. Um. The finale of The Bachelor is tonight y'all! Who's it going to be? And, yes, I do. I watch it. I really don't care if they couples never make it, if I'm a horrible person for watching it. I love it. It is one of my guiltiest pleasures. Whateves. You can bet I'll be relishing all three hours of this shiz tonight. 


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  1. Beautiful words. Love that simple and cozy little house. Now I feel nostalgic (more like desperate) for my childhood little beach house.


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