Friday Stunner.

I completely one hundred fifty thousand percent understand the term TGIF now. After years and years of working odd hours, evenings, weekends, you name it, I am flipped on my head with this whole 8-5 M-F 2-weeks of vacation thing. If my job didn't have me running from the instant I walk in the door I would never ever be able to stand these hours (I also happen to really enjoy what I'm doing so that helps too). And I honestly pity all of you people that have been working like this since you graduated college. I have no clue. No clue. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance working, eating, sleeping, working out, and spending time with J and my friends. Oh, and relaxing. 
I forgot. 
Thank God It's motherfucking Friday. 

Don't you love that green chair?
Oh, me too.
She is a beaut. That there is the fine work of Jenny Komenda. Love her. 

What are y'all up to this fine weekend? 
I am meeting friends for many, many cocktails tonight and then Saturday we are going to head up to Sonoma to lay in tall grasses in the breezy sunshine. And I'll be eating. Like, a lot. Because I don't really do that much during the week anymore. And I love to eat. I'll leave you with this little ditty on this fine Friday:

All that really matters anyway.


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