Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.3.

One of my primary objectives in creating our home is coziness. We both work a lot and spend a great deal of time outside the confines of our apartment so when we're here, I want it to feel like a place where we can wrap up in a blanket and relax. I often feel overwhelmed and stressed out by city life (remember this post?). The hustle bustle, the traffic, the constant stream of bodies, the stench and the noise and the rushed pace, the red lights and stop signs and slow drivers when I am alwaysalways in a rush. It all gets to me. I need a place to escape it, a place where I can tuck in and shut it all out. This is, I think, why I love this home so much. It feels like a womb. Like a quiet, softly lit, homey den of comfort. 

My highlights: 
+ those glass window partitions that create separation while also keeping the space wide open
+ the matching sofas perfect for side by side movie watching
+ the muted color scheme of black, grey, brown and white that carries through to all of the rooms and creates unity
+ the large scale artwork that extends way past the edge of the huge bed and is just, well, perfect in every way


 Home of Naja Munthe as photographed by Morten Koldby


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  1. Simply beautiful. You have the most amazing posts. I can't get enough of your writing and your beautiful images.


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