Spotlight: Summer House.

We found ourselves in Mill Valley this past weekend. Remember I used to work over there? When I was at Jute I'd always wonder if we could ever make the move over that pretty red bridge. I never hated my commute that way so it wasn't really about that. I just kind of loved the quiet that would settle over me as I drove along the streets. I liked the pace. Let me tell you-ain't nobody hustling and bustling in Mill Valley, that is for sure. When I stopped working over there I stopped thinking about it. But Saturday morning we got in the car for a good weekend drive (yes, we do this. yes, i know it is a completely old people thing to do. no, i don't care. we love it.). I had been wanting to hit up a little shop over there so after grabbing iced coffees and almond croissants we headed over the bridge into the quietude. It was as I remembered it. Warmer, sunnier, softer. 

We drove into the heart of town, found parking and strolled along the square. Oh, how I love a town square. I felt relaxed. I could move my arms and not hit another person! People were just hanging out in the grass, talking and drinking coffee. There was space. And I have to admit, the thoughts of moving started creeping back into my head. It would be a different lifestyle, hell, a different life, I know. But I'm beginning to think we may not be so far off from a different life. I do fear that my husband is rather a city boy and until the desire to own something with more space overwhelms him he may not be a man who is built for small town life. Me? I believe I could do it. And I believe I wouldn't mind being a little closer to that little shop I was talking about. Because let me tell you, Summer House is a little slice of decorating heaven. 

They carry some of my favorites-Calypso St. Barth, John Robshaw, Roost. They have an amazing collection of vintage rugs. I die. And their furniture? The lines are all spot on. Clean but loungey. Lots of sheepskin, hides, natural materials, ethnic textiles. Gosh. It is stunning. 
*And I will say that I felt very validated when I spotted my very own sofa.* 


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  1. Ahhh! That's it? I want to see more! What a great store. I want that peacock mirror, and pretty much everything else in there.


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