Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.6.

I am not a hoarder. I am quite the opposite. My house is clean and organized and I am pretty good at getting rid of things, some better than others though. I hang on to clothes for waaaayyy too long and there are a few people who could testify to being horrified at what I've pulled out of the depths of my closet from my prior hippie days. But otherwise, I'm good. Or at least I thought I was. Until I read about Bea Johnson's no waste house in Mill Valley. It made me want to open the closets, toss everything into the garbage and never look back. 

All of her clothes fit into a carry on! What what. This actually makes total sense to me. I know that deep down I could do it. Can you imagine how easy it would be to get dressed?

But what inspires me most is the clean, simple decor of her home. Nothing extra. Nothing unnecessary. There is something so luxurious about that, isn't there? 

Making me want my white bedding back.

 PS. Can I get a cheer for it being the last day of April? Did anyone else feel like this month lasted forever?! Everytime I open the iCal it's just all April still staring at me. Boring. Let's move on. May, I am ready for you. 


Whoa, Monday.

How are you here right now? I am wiped out from the weekend with my in-laws and I will fess up to a little anxiety about being tired this morning, which made me wake up, oh, about every hour last night. Lack of sleep on top of lack of sleep. 

We had a lovely little time though. Spent gobs of time outside enjoying the sun and the city, and plenty of time inside enjoying food and wine and good company. Always sad to see them go but happy to get back into our routine. I'll be back to my regular schedule tomorrow. I've got a really important client meeting tonight that I am just so excited about so keep your fingers crossed it all goes smoothy and I'll be spending my next year of free time designing a brand new modern farmhouse in Sonoma. 



It's Friday!

So sorry I have been a bit absent this week, my friends. It was a tough one. But I'm happy to report that I'm coming out from under and feeling much better. I just booked our flights to Portland for Memorial Day and I couldn't be more excited to see two (now three!) of our favorite people in the world. Nevermind that I screwed up the flight and one of us will be flying out on United at 6:00 AM and the other will following it up on Virgin at 3:30 PM. Nevermind that. Right now I just want to get excited for a weekend away. 

The in-laws arrive this afternoon and it's been a flurry of cleaning, laundry and fluffing up around here. We have a reservation tonight at one of our treasured neighborhood newbies, Padrecito, and then Alcatraz tomorrow and a special birthday dinner tomorrow night for my mother-in-law. I hope you have sun-soaked, champagne bubble filled weekends, all of you. I'll leave you with an image that makes me green with envy. 

That dress. I would kill for it. 


Oh, For a Screened-In Porch.

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I'm having a rather hard time of it right now. The thing is...all those people who tell you can have everything? Yeah. They're wrong. They are so so wrong. I've been struggling lately with the balance of how to make myself happy, and how to keep the people in my life happy with me at the same time. And I've discovered that it's not always possible. I've been right up in the midst of this struggle lately and, I'll tell you, it blows.

I've been trying to go with it. Get outside. Enjoy life, all of it, as it comes because, gosh, it just doesn't ever stop changing does it? Just when it feels like things are all falling into place, boom, some of the big pieces blow up. People disappoint you. Life disappoints you. 

And then you really start hoping and praying for a big old porch to curl up under the stars on. Because certainly, it is all better as soon as you can look up at the big, huge sky and feel how tiny you are. How much easier it is to understand that this too shall pass.


Spotlight: Pamela Sunday.

Weird baubles to make you holler. 

These things are pretty much the definition of the ugly:: pretty. Globula blobula. Swoon. They are also insanely expensive so there's that. But golly they belong on my coffee table with those links. Could you imagine a more insane textural experience? 

 So. I know I'm already married and am, unfortunately, rather enamored of my husband. But I really need a sugar daddy. I won't be able to fulfill any obligations to you other than spending all of your money on silly things for my house but I will do that so well you won't be able to say no. Any takers?

All images via Pamela Sunday


Friday Stunner.

Started the week with New Orleans on the brain. Ending it with this.

I miss bougainvillea.

My in-laws are coming to town next week so we are spending the weekend prepping the house, buying tickets to Alcatraz (laugh all you want, I've never been, they've never been, we are going) and making dinner reservations. We've also been eyeing up tickets to Portland for Memorial Day and to New Orleans for my birthday both of which I plan on making mine this weekend. This lady needs some time away! 


Some Things I Saw and Loved.

Mid week randomness. 

 Hippie crystals done right. Just don't even think about burning the Nag Champa. 

 Oddly simple Hawaiian-ish entry. The kind of thing you'd be happy to see when walk into the house you rented on Kauai for the week. Simple simple. 

 OOOhh-we. Lovely farmhouse chic. 

 Glory be. I was raised in the church. And I wouldn't mind doing a little raising of my own in this converted church reno. I would sing hymns at the top of my lungs up there in that balcony. 

 No matter how old you are. Still true, my friends, still true. 

 This is my future. I am one hundred percent certain of it.

 Wanna make your ceilings look 200 feet high? Gallery wall all the way upupup. 

 Weird rad bathroom art.

I am so into this paneling. So into it. 


Currently Coveting: Chain Links.

I spotted this photo in 7 x 7 this month (love that mag, btw): 

The home of Gary McNatton in St. Helena. It's a bit too minimal for my current state of mind BUT that little chain link sculptural thing on the cocktail table? Um. Need it. Yesterday. It's going to look so darling on my own cocktail table with the new suzani that's coming my way in a few short weeks. 

Two options fer y'all: 


Show and Tell.

+Sometimes it feels like your dreams are so close, at last, that you can just reach out and touch them. That they're real. And that they're happening.+


Pardon Me...

...while I take a day off...I needed to take this weekend to catch up on my rest, and I have. I woke this morning feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Back to blogging tomorrow. tootaloo.


Friday-I love you.

Oh my gosh. You know it's been a week when you've got 6 packages that have been sitting there unopened for days in your entryway. Six. Unopened. Seriously. It's going to be like Christmas around here tonight. This week started with a bang and just kept on rolling. It feels like it's been years. That being said, and as tired as I am right now, it was a very very happy week around here, with good news from several places. The future is feeling brighter than it ever has y'all. 34-you're delivering on your promises in a big way. Thanks, you. 

It's 7:16 AM and all I can think about is 9 hours or so from now when I will be parking my car outside Birite, running inside and filling my basket with fresh pasta, a fat can of tomatoes, a large hunk of cheese and a loaf of Acme bread. And wine. We are staying in tonight, solidly, and I can't wait to hunker down with my man and a steaming bowl of pasta. Exactly what I've been craving all week. 

What are your plans doves? 


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.6.

Oh do I love this one. Perhaps one of my Top Ten. You can tell that the woman who lives here is single, and content to be so. All of that creamy white, soft pink and muted beige. The subtlety with lots of rustic wood tossed in for good measure. Gosh. It is so pretty and unabashedly feminine. It's an oldie, published in House Beautiful years ago but I stumbled across a picture of it last weekend and I haven't been able to shake it since. Pack me up. It can be my own private lady pad. You can find me happily sipping on a bourbon in the backyard. 

 Dream kitchen. I have such a crush.

 A place to play cards with the ladies.

 That suzani pillow. The photography. That mirror. hooooowee. Stunning.

 This actually makes me want to weep. That bed is just, gosh. Gah. Speechless.

Hey, that's me! Right there! See me? Sippin on my bourbon? 

In real life this is the home of Chris Barrett. Lucky lucky lady. 


Currently Coveting: Suzani.

+ First, thank you all for your lovely words of support the other day. You are the best. +

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I never totally got it. The whole suzani thing. I mean, I had some images pinned that had the vintage textile in them. I liked them. But I was never obsessed with them. Until now. Now, it has all changed. I have become completely convinced that the chicest thing ever is a lovely suzani draped over the back of your sofa, or folded just so on the arm of your chair. So convinced that I am trying desperately to make it happen in my living room. Of course, every one that I love is majorly pink and I'm thinking I should give old Peet-er a ring to see how she got away with using so much of the hue in a home where a man also resides. I've got my eye on one and I will certainly take photos when I make it mine. In the meantime, some of my favorites. 


Spotlight: L'Aviva Home.

One of my absolute favorite online shops hands down. L'Aviva Home offers a stunning array of worldly goods. I'd love to keep this to myself forever because I don't want any of you going and buying what I want most but I just can't keep the secret any longer. I am in love. I hope one day to have a store like this. Until then, I'm totally content to shop my little heart out. Um, those suzanis? Yep, my birthday is coming up here in a few months. You know, just something to keep in mind. Ho hum. 

K. Wipe your drool up and pull yourself together. You have some shopping to do. 



Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with design. Like, at all. There isn't one image in here. It has to do with life, and all of it's many curveballs. So if you're here solely for interiors porn, please come back tomorrow for regular programming.


Do y'all want to know what sucks the most out of anything that sucks (and there's a lot, let's be honest...)?


Friday Stunner.

via Rue

People. What are you doing this weekend? Despite the fact that I wasn't supposed to be buying anything for the abode...I did. And it's all sitting in my closet just waiting to make it's debut in my bedroom. I'm picking up my new framed Kevin Russ photos from Cheap Pete's tomorrow and then doing some decorating. I'll share when it's done #don'tworry. And then the usual-dinners and wine and books and walks in the park. Life is so sweet.

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