Currently Coveting: Suzani.

+ First, thank you all for your lovely words of support the other day. You are the best. +

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I never totally got it. The whole suzani thing. I mean, I had some images pinned that had the vintage textile in them. I liked them. But I was never obsessed with them. Until now. Now, it has all changed. I have become completely convinced that the chicest thing ever is a lovely suzani draped over the back of your sofa, or folded just so on the arm of your chair. So convinced that I am trying desperately to make it happen in my living room. Of course, every one that I love is majorly pink and I'm thinking I should give old Peet-er a ring to see how she got away with using so much of the hue in a home where a man also resides. I've got my eye on one and I will certainly take photos when I make it mine. In the meantime, some of my favorites. 


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