Friday-I love you.

Oh my gosh. You know it's been a week when you've got 6 packages that have been sitting there unopened for days in your entryway. Six. Unopened. Seriously. It's going to be like Christmas around here tonight. This week started with a bang and just kept on rolling. It feels like it's been years. That being said, and as tired as I am right now, it was a very very happy week around here, with good news from several places. The future is feeling brighter than it ever has y'all. 34-you're delivering on your promises in a big way. Thanks, you. 

It's 7:16 AM and all I can think about is 9 hours or so from now when I will be parking my car outside Birite, running inside and filling my basket with fresh pasta, a fat can of tomatoes, a large hunk of cheese and a loaf of Acme bread. And wine. We are staying in tonight, solidly, and I can't wait to hunker down with my man and a steaming bowl of pasta. Exactly what I've been craving all week. 

What are your plans doves? 


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