It's Friday!

So sorry I have been a bit absent this week, my friends. It was a tough one. But I'm happy to report that I'm coming out from under and feeling much better. I just booked our flights to Portland for Memorial Day and I couldn't be more excited to see two (now three!) of our favorite people in the world. Nevermind that I screwed up the flight and one of us will be flying out on United at 6:00 AM and the other will following it up on Virgin at 3:30 PM. Nevermind that. Right now I just want to get excited for a weekend away. 

The in-laws arrive this afternoon and it's been a flurry of cleaning, laundry and fluffing up around here. We have a reservation tonight at one of our treasured neighborhood newbies, Padrecito, and then Alcatraz tomorrow and a special birthday dinner tomorrow night for my mother-in-law. I hope you have sun-soaked, champagne bubble filled weekends, all of you. I'll leave you with an image that makes me green with envy. 

That dress. I would kill for it. 


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