Oh, For a Screened-In Porch.

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I'm having a rather hard time of it right now. The thing is...all those people who tell you can have everything? Yeah. They're wrong. They are so so wrong. I've been struggling lately with the balance of how to make myself happy, and how to keep the people in my life happy with me at the same time. And I've discovered that it's not always possible. I've been right up in the midst of this struggle lately and, I'll tell you, it blows.

I've been trying to go with it. Get outside. Enjoy life, all of it, as it comes because, gosh, it just doesn't ever stop changing does it? Just when it feels like things are all falling into place, boom, some of the big pieces blow up. People disappoint you. Life disappoints you. 

And then you really start hoping and praying for a big old porch to curl up under the stars on. Because certainly, it is all better as soon as you can look up at the big, huge sky and feel how tiny you are. How much easier it is to understand that this too shall pass.


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