Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.6.

Oh do I love this one. Perhaps one of my Top Ten. You can tell that the woman who lives here is single, and content to be so. All of that creamy white, soft pink and muted beige. The subtlety with lots of rustic wood tossed in for good measure. Gosh. It is so pretty and unabashedly feminine. It's an oldie, published in House Beautiful years ago but I stumbled across a picture of it last weekend and I haven't been able to shake it since. Pack me up. It can be my own private lady pad. You can find me happily sipping on a bourbon in the backyard. 

 Dream kitchen. I have such a crush.

 A place to play cards with the ladies.

 That suzani pillow. The photography. That mirror. hooooowee. Stunning.

 This actually makes me want to weep. That bed is just, gosh. Gah. Speechless.

Hey, that's me! Right there! See me? Sippin on my bourbon? 

In real life this is the home of Chris Barrett. Lucky lucky lady. 



  1. Pack me up too! It is perfect. That bedroom. That other bedroom. And I will be sippin on my morning coffee by the rose bushes.


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