Some Things I Saw and Loved.

Mid week randomness. 

 Hippie crystals done right. Just don't even think about burning the Nag Champa. 

 Oddly simple Hawaiian-ish entry. The kind of thing you'd be happy to see when walk into the house you rented on Kauai for the week. Simple simple. 

 OOOhh-we. Lovely farmhouse chic. 

 Glory be. I was raised in the church. And I wouldn't mind doing a little raising of my own in this converted church reno. I would sing hymns at the top of my lungs up there in that balcony. 

 No matter how old you are. Still true, my friends, still true. 

 This is my future. I am one hundred percent certain of it.

 Wanna make your ceilings look 200 feet high? Gallery wall all the way upupup. 

 Weird rad bathroom art.

I am so into this paneling. So into it. 



  1. great picts! the weird cool bathroom art is from amberinteriordesign.com.


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