The Flip Side.

I'm working in a showroom. Btdubs. Fyi. 

I knew after I left my last job that I had a lot to learn about the business of design. If you read this blog and you are somehow of the notion that interior design is largely a creative field, you are very very wrong. And also right. But if you want to be a designer as your job, to make a living from it, and not have to wait tables for the rest of your life, well, you better re-evaluate and learn some skills on how to succeed in this field. 

So, anyway. The showroom. I wasn't entirely sure how I would feel about it. I went into the interview very blas√© thinking it was good practice. And then I really fell for the company and the family who owns it (I am sososososo intrigued by family businesses). Something felt right so when they offered me the job, I took it. Still very unsure. I went through the whole first week very, very unsure. But then something clicked and all fell into place and I can honestly say now that I like my job. There are many things unrelated to design that I appreciate about it. Everyday is different. It keeps me busy and on my toes. I think I'm good at it. But the part that I am liking the most is that I, literally, learn something new every single day about the design world. 

I have no formal design education. Just thousands of hours logged studying images and product lines and trial and error designing. And I am honestly of the notion that interior design school isn't necessary all the time. The computer programs, yes. The reading of construction documents and space planning, yes. But no one can tell you how to design. It's a very personal thing. I truly believe that you either have it or you don't. Of course, skill can be nurtured and honed but I have never been of the belief that that needs to happen in a classroom. Thus, my current trajectory. Real life learning. I feel like I'm in an environment where I'm not scared to make a mistake (so unlike my last job where I went to work in fear everyday). I'm comfortable enough to learn the business and the ins and outs of being in the design world and after a little over a month I can still say that I really love the company. 

But. I was in the showroom alone last Friday, all day, dealing with designers. I had a moment of working with one of the designers for the upcoming Showcase house where she took out all of her plans for her room and we were chatting about it and I had a pang. Jealousy. And also passion. As much as I enjoy what I'm doing now, I am one hundred percent positive that one day I will be on the flip side of this interaction, going into showrooms with my floor plans and looking for that perfect chair or cocktail table. And, my god, I just cannot wait. 

So today I'd just like to share some of the design that I'm loving lately. Images that inspire me to keep pushing forward, through really long work weeks and sleepy mornings.

 Georgie and Alex Cleary via The Design Files

 Chris Barrett via House Beautiful

 Maria Llado

Original BTC

Sarah Davison via Design*Sponge

 Simone and Rhys Haag via The Design Files



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