Up, Up and Away.

We are off to Portland for a long weekend with our favorites. Meeting their new bebe, hiking, eating, drinking, exploring the city...I cannot wait. This week has felt like the longest shiz on the planet. Short weeks always feel longer, right? I have a crazy week after we return on Monday but the week after life settles down quite a bit which I am very much looking forward to. I will be back to blogging on a more regular basis and so much looking forward to it I cannot even express. I have missed this place. 

Enjoy your long weekends lovers. 
I know I will!


Bills, and Jury Duty.

+Well. I walked in the door last night to an 1100$ medical bill and a jury summons. My oh my. What an ending to a Monday. Pretty much giving the world the middle finger right now.+ 

I've been feeling so frustrated lately by money, and how much it limits our lives. How we make decisions solely based on money far too often. How we all have so many dreams and how we never get to see them realized. What if money were no object? What would you do? 

 You see, I just quit my money maker. The part-time job that brings my household a good deal of money for not a lot of work. The soul sucker that I stayed at for way too long and which brought me way too much misery. I just up and quit it. And decided that I would find another way to make a living, that I would give this design thing all I've got. I decided that no amount of money is worth being 34 years old and feeling trapped. 

I finally feel comfortable enough {kind-of, not really} to tell you that I have spent the last 14 years of my life working at least part-time in a restaurant. It's not all bad, although I can feel the judgment already (or maybe that's just my own...). I made a lot of money. I worked at some of the best restaurants in the country. That job let me travel all over the world, to every continent except for one. I took vacations whenever I wanted. It helped me get through grad school. It introduced me to some of my dearest friends in all of the land. And, for the record, it brought me my husband too. 

For all of you out there who are of the mind to think that people who work in restaurants are stupid, uneducated, unmotivated-ha! Most people who work in restaurants are smarter than you, more educated than you and more creative than you. They also probably make more money than you, incidentally. And, although, it was a bad career choice for me, I do not fault anyone for staying in it. Nor should you. I have never experienced such freedom to walk into a place, make money, turn around go home and live your real life. 

I have also never experienced such a feeling of disappointment in myself. I knew, deep down, that I was doing something that unfulfilled me in very substantial ways. For 14 years. That, my friends, is a long time to feel disappointed in yourself. A long time. And also a long time to be in near-constant panic mode at the thought of being stuck forever. I have no idea why I just kept at it, year after year, always telling myself that I'd take more classes and be willing to take a pay cut and Justin would make more money and I could leave. But those things kept slipping through my fingers, and I kept going. Despite the fact that I had no stake in it. That I had no interest in it. And that I was letting my passion die while I took orders at a table. Working two, three jobs on top of the night job. Trying to balance it all for years. Working so many long weeks at design firms and taking classes on top of it and blogging frantically just to try and get a leg up so I could leave it, and so I could breathe. I literally never.stopped.working.

Until I jumped. 

It really does feel like that moment when you are standing over the cliff, looking down at the water, thinking "Should I do this? I'm so scared." And then your resolve hardens, you take a deep breath and jump and just fucking hope that everything is going to be okay. That is pretty much exactly what it feels like. I just woke up one day and said "enough." And it was over.

So, despite the fact that my heart beats a little faster at the prospect of bills and lack of all of that extra money (those J Brands are a full bonus check away...) and jury duty and vacation time, I am positive I made the best decision for myself. So, please do excuse me for not blogging as much, or as well, these days. I'm adjusting to the very new feeling of walking in the door after a full days work and feeling satisfied that I've worked enough that day, that I can go to the gym, that I don't have to open my computer, that I can make dinner, and have a glass of wine. That I'm finally doing something that I love, that I don't feel like is a waste of my talent, that let's me breathe. 

True that. 


Friday Design Love Affair.

I stumbled across this image the other day while cruising Pinterest and it brought me right back to my old bedroom circa moving to the Bay Area years ago. It was this exact picture that made me get off my ass and start designing. It woke me up. I remember I wanted my house to look juuussst like that. I looked high and low for a rug like this. I still have several pieces that this home inspired in my living room. It's not as much my steez anymore but I have such a soft spot for it. 

What do y'all have planned this weekend? We are date-nighting tonight which I can't wait for. Then tomorrow heading up to Ram's Gate Winery with friends and off to a dance show that one of my nearest and dearest created (she is a very talented lady). Sunday will probably be filled with the things Sundays are filled with-laundry, softball games and making good food. 

God. I love the weekend.


Currently Coveting: Refectory Tables.

Well then. Since the list of my never ending desires is, well, never ending, I thought today we could delve into the all exciting refectory table! I know. I know. Doesn't sound like much. But I have fallen in love with them. We have a stunner in the showroom but I don't mix work and play and I'm not going to share it today. It's gorge. I'll leave it at that. My favorite piece we have. Not to worry there are plenty of other beauties out there. Project Perfect is, hopefully, going to have one somewhere in the house (mabes in the kitchen nook-how lovely with some Bertoia's next to it). They are great large-scale pieces for an entry, as a table in your dining room or as a console behind your sofa. I am also playing around with the idea of using one in a bathroom with drop-in's as a double console. They're farmhouse without being kitsch or country. They tend Spanish but when mixed with other elements they just tend awesome. 

And a few different styles for you to choose from: 

That one from 1st Dibs has my heart and soul. Give me 6 kids to sit around that number and I will be one happy lady. 

PS: Maybe you'd like to send out the baby juju. Here's to hoping this month is the month. 


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.7.

It's one of those weeks where I feel like I can't get on top of anything. Do you guys ever feel like that?! I've got a list of things to do when I get home and before I know it it's 10:00 and I'm scrambling to get it together before the next day begins. Ooof. I need one solid day of sitting in my house and crossing things off my to-do. If only. 

In one of the last spare moments I had in life I stumbled upon the ridiculous, ridiculous home of Ellen and Portia. You know, their first published house was gorgeous but this little gem just takes the cake. Several different little structures including eight cabins. Heaven. Can you imagine how much fun it was to decorate? I can. I love the use of antiques mixed in with new. A really lovely balance. Plus I'll admit: the complete lack of color has me beaming.


Spring Favorites: Ranunculus and Peonies.

We have had the most spectacular weather the past few weeks. Like, gorgeous sunny 70 degree days every single day. As I type this the fog is starting to roll in though, which is a sure sign that summer in San Francisco is well on its way. But the sun! Oh, it has been glorious. The kind of days where you hop in the car and drive with the windows all the way down. And the kind of days where you end up strolling into your neighborhood shop and walking out with 15$ a stem peonies. Just because it's summer and just because they are so pretty. 

I love having fresh flowers around the house. And lucky for me I live with a man who has a green thumb and does cool things like make urban gardens of dahlias in your concrete backyard. So we have flowers around the house a lot. And I will most definitely splurge for ones I love. Ranunculus and peonies are far and away my favorites. 
+I almost squealed with glee when my wedding florist told me she might be able to find some from New Zealand for our November wedding (and she did and they were perfect).+

Perhaps it's because you can only get them for a few short minutes every spring. Or maybe it's because they make a room look stunning like nothing else can. 


Hey Bitches. I'm Back.

Ok okokokokok. Recovered from a very long week, things are back to normal and I'm happy to be here on my home turf in this world. I had a thought last week while sifting through magazines and sourcing for Project Perfect that I would stop blogging for a little while, maybe forever. It wasn't that I wasn't inspired. I was just tired and spread thin and, well, to be honest, content with just doing what I was doing. Then I spent a perfectly great day with Justin Friday (you know, one of those days where you are completely convinced that you have the best marriage on the planet and that you could never possibly be happier than you are in that moment, just hanging out with your husband) and I slept on Friday night and lounged on Saturday morning. Worked out, ate ramen, did laundry, watched some episodes of The Good Wife (I just started and I am obsessed. I want to be her so bad, and I really really want her work wardrobe), did tequila shots with some friends and had dinner with others, and just basically lived the good life. And then I woke up and flipped my Macbook open and I sighed right back into my blogging routine. Whew. Makes me happy. 

I am also delighted to tell you that Miss Amber sourced and made some dope ass pillows for me. Remember these pups? Mine. Very soon. Go Amber. 

Do y'all want to see where I'm starting for my Sonoma gig? Well, great then. We are starting in the kitchen which is a great place to jump in. People always say the kitchen is the heart of the home which is kind of cheesy but also true. We love to cook and I have to say that this kitchen is pretty much my dream kitchen. Open plan to the family room. Little corner dining nook. Big island with barstools. My client has excellent taste and I am having so much fun designing a kitchen that I would actually love for myself. 

We are doing grey lowers and white uppers which is going to look so awesome in the space. Dark wide plank wood floors (dreamy). 
My inspiration:

 Next week perhaps I'll have some preliminary design boards for you. Woot woot. Can hardly handle the excitement. PS. I love this project. Obsessed. Can you tell?



Guys guysguysguys. I am missing in action this week. I've been swamped with meetings (got to start work on that lovely little Sonoma job I had a meeting for Monday-such good things) and Justin was in Hawaii all weekend so I've been trying to squeeze every spare minute I have to hang out with him and enjoy having my family together again while maintaining my own life. Blog is last priority this week, unfortunately. I'll be back in a few days when things quiet down some. In the meantime, happy hump day, and I hope you are all having lovely weeks so far. 

If you're bored and craving a fix there's a vast wealth of archives right down there along the left sidebar. Have at it. 



Just A Little Cabin Dreaming.

It's no secret that we will not stay in San Francisco forever. We talk about it regularly and, at some point in time, we will most likely make our life in Washington. I've got lots of dreams about the future but the one that is the most exciting to me is building a little cabin on the San Juan islands. The weekend that we spent there last summer remains one of my most favorite memories that we have made so far. Sometimes a place just gets you. And it got me. I can't wait until the day we have a weekend spot to escape to with friends and family. 

I, of course, have the entire thing decorated in my head already. I definitely want it to be neutral and cozy. And I want it to feel like a cabin, not like the home we live in all the time. Sparse and with just enough space to hold the essentials. We'll have it someday, I know. But until then I'll just keep dreaming and pinning away. 


Friday, and Some Pillow Help Please.

Hey oh. I'm loving this picture of Lea Michelle's home makeover from Domaine Home. But I'm secretly posting it because I have literally been stalking them asking where the hells bells I can get these pillows, with no answer. ANYONE? I am desperate. I need them. They will change my life in untold ways. Help. 


Friday again. Glory. The weather has been nothing short of amazing here the past two weeks. I forgot what summer feels like-the long, slow evenings, the lazy feeling when the sun starts it's descent. Love it. Justin is out of town on his "bachelor party" this weekend, in Hawaii, with his best friends since he was born (um, we got married in November people. excuse for a weekend with the boys, you think?) so I'm left to fend for myself. But damn if I don't miss that guy already...I'm having brunch with friends, cocktails later, sunning, reading, catching up, relaxing. I think Ponyboy and I will manage. Wherever you are I hope you find some time to hang out with the people you love, and enjoy the time away from the grind, truly. 


Slowing It Down.

I got in an epic battle with one of my very dear friends last week. Epic.


Erica Tanov: Home.

This lady can do no wrong. Not one bit. Impeccable taste, incredible style. I've blogged about her before because her shops are just about the most spectacular earthy glam goodness around. When I heard that she was bringing out a home collection I was stoked, and I have not been disappointed. The vibe is California bohemian all the way and I love it. I am so using those linens for a kid's bedroom soon. 

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