Currently Coveting: Refectory Tables.

Well then. Since the list of my never ending desires is, well, never ending, I thought today we could delve into the all exciting refectory table! I know. I know. Doesn't sound like much. But I have fallen in love with them. We have a stunner in the showroom but I don't mix work and play and I'm not going to share it today. It's gorge. I'll leave it at that. My favorite piece we have. Not to worry there are plenty of other beauties out there. Project Perfect is, hopefully, going to have one somewhere in the house (mabes in the kitchen nook-how lovely with some Bertoia's next to it). They are great large-scale pieces for an entry, as a table in your dining room or as a console behind your sofa. I am also playing around with the idea of using one in a bathroom with drop-in's as a double console. They're farmhouse without being kitsch or country. They tend Spanish but when mixed with other elements they just tend awesome. 

And a few different styles for you to choose from: 

That one from 1st Dibs has my heart and soul. Give me 6 kids to sit around that number and I will be one happy lady. 

PS: Maybe you'd like to send out the baby juju. Here's to hoping this month is the month. 


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