Friday, and Some Pillow Help Please.

Hey oh. I'm loving this picture of Lea Michelle's home makeover from Domaine Home. But I'm secretly posting it because I have literally been stalking them asking where the hells bells I can get these pillows, with no answer. ANYONE? I am desperate. I need them. They will change my life in untold ways. Help. 


Friday again. Glory. The weather has been nothing short of amazing here the past two weeks. I forgot what summer feels like-the long, slow evenings, the lazy feeling when the sun starts it's descent. Love it. Justin is out of town on his "bachelor party" this weekend, in Hawaii, with his best friends since he was born (um, we got married in November people. excuse for a weekend with the boys, you think?) so I'm left to fend for myself. But damn if I don't miss that guy already...I'm having brunch with friends, cocktails later, sunning, reading, catching up, relaxing. I think Ponyboy and I will manage. Wherever you are I hope you find some time to hang out with the people you love, and enjoy the time away from the grind, truly. 


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