Friday Design Love Affair.

I stumbled across this image the other day while cruising Pinterest and it brought me right back to my old bedroom circa moving to the Bay Area years ago. It was this exact picture that made me get off my ass and start designing. It woke me up. I remember I wanted my house to look juuussst like that. I looked high and low for a rug like this. I still have several pieces that this home inspired in my living room. It's not as much my steez anymore but I have such a soft spot for it. 

What do y'all have planned this weekend? We are date-nighting tonight which I can't wait for. Then tomorrow heading up to Ram's Gate Winery with friends and off to a dance show that one of my nearest and dearest created (she is a very talented lady). Sunday will probably be filled with the things Sundays are filled with-laundry, softball games and making good food. 

God. I love the weekend.


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