Spring Favorites: Ranunculus and Peonies.

We have had the most spectacular weather the past few weeks. Like, gorgeous sunny 70 degree days every single day. As I type this the fog is starting to roll in though, which is a sure sign that summer in San Francisco is well on its way. But the sun! Oh, it has been glorious. The kind of days where you hop in the car and drive with the windows all the way down. And the kind of days where you end up strolling into your neighborhood shop and walking out with 15$ a stem peonies. Just because it's summer and just because they are so pretty. 

I love having fresh flowers around the house. And lucky for me I live with a man who has a green thumb and does cool things like make urban gardens of dahlias in your concrete backyard. So we have flowers around the house a lot. And I will most definitely splurge for ones I love. Ranunculus and peonies are far and away my favorites. 
+I almost squealed with glee when my wedding florist told me she might be able to find some from New Zealand for our November wedding (and she did and they were perfect).+

Perhaps it's because you can only get them for a few short minutes every spring. Or maybe it's because they make a room look stunning like nothing else can. 


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